The exhibition in the Gallery of Croatian Designers Association presents an overview of the work of Studio Sonda through the selection of its design works created over the past 15 years, starting with the launch and editing of the magazine Sonda, through several years of collaboration (BOOKtiga – Festival of used books, Casanova Festival, Pula Film Festival, Slovenian manufacturer of ski Elan), a series of packaging and visual identities (Piquentum wines, Studena and Radenska waters), creation of books and catalogs, and up to the future project of the Creative Center in Vižinada. The exhibition is opened from 25.04. until 14.05.2019.

This is the second independent exhibition presenting Studio Sonda in the Croatian Designers Association  (the Sonda Live was held in Zagreb in 2011) but it is the first one which retrospectively looks at the whole of its design production. The curator of the exhibition is Marko Golub, who, among other things, wrote about Studio Sonda the following:

“The design of Studio Sonda  represents a fascinating wide range of works including works of extremely high public visibility and those whose communication is closely local, but still dense and rich in meaning (…) Sonda’s team has an internal flexibility and adaptability that enables them to respond equally effectively to the most diverse types of tasks. They have a high sensitivity to the context, i.e. the ability to find an authentically seductive, communicative, often touching and poetic perspective for each content, but most importantly – they have this strong desire for contact, communication, connectivity and networking. Sonda understands design as a channel that stimulates and creates new interactions – interactions with urban space, interactions within the local community, among fellow citizens who are not yet familiar with each other, among readers of books or movie lovers. This desire for contact surely derives also from Sonda’s own, self-chosen office location – while searching for peace they have moved away from Poreč and today they operate from a small Istrian municipality of Vižinada in the middle of the Istrian peninsula, which with all its 27 villages counts not more than 1000 inhabitants – as if they were trying to show how, wherever you are, you are always one step, one picture, one gesture, one word away from anyone, anywhere in the world. (…) Having in their early stages of work been focused on editing and publishing, Sonda learnt one major thing that designers of visual communications often forget today – the importance of conceptual continuity, i.e. the fact that talking about a product, brand, manifestation, institution and the like, is best built through time .”