Our works are exhibited as part of the international exhibition of graphic design and visual communications – ZGRAF 10, which takes place in Zagreb in the Home of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists) from 6th till 25th May, 2008.

To participate on ZGRAF 10 over 500 authors from 23 countries applied, and the selection committee, composed of: Igor Čaljkušić, Dejan Kršić, Morana Radanović, Slavimir Stojanović (Slovenia) and Igor Stanišljević, selected for the exhibition 185 works from 16 countries, among which were two works of Studio Sonda.

It is about a catalogue/poster of the exhibition of Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU) from Istria, Fashionable discourses, selected in ‘Printed promotional tools’ category and about skis design from women’s collections of skis Elan: Elan Mo Spice – Twintip 2007/08 selected in the category ‘Specific segments of visual communications ‘.

ZGRAF was organized by the Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts (ULUPUH).