Studio Sonda’s work is published as an educational sample in the textbook of fine arts for 7th grade of primary school. The poster created for Booktiga 2009 – the International Festival of Used Books is featured in the textbook entitled My Colors, in the section Architecture and Design, under the heading Rhythm and Balance in Composition. Right next to the work of British designer Victor Lardent, creator of the Times New Roman font (1932), and to the legendary logos like the one created by Pierre de Coubertin for the Olympics (1894) or Oscar Schlemmer’s for Bauhaus (1922).

Publisher: Školska knjiga
Authors: Miroslav Huzjak and Ivana Rupić. Editor: Jelena Bračun Filipović.

The possibility that our creation might awaken the interest in a child for design and communication is certainly the best recognition we have ever received as a creative studio…