The leveler is used as a tool by ceramic tiles installers when laying the tiles for ideal leveling. The Super Leveller, unlike all the others currently present on the market, offers a number of technical innovations: fast coupling and separation, set up without having to shear the tiles and 100% visible spacers. We chose to design the product as a sort of a ‘super gadget’ or a ‘super helper’, with a specific emphasis on the separation of its turning system from its housing part, thus enhancing its comparative advantage over the competitors’ products. In order to make it all even more straightforward, the leveler was named Super Leveller. The visual identity and communication are then accompanied by an expression characteristic of comic superheroes, which unequivocally and in a funny way outline immediately the benefits of the product. Intentionally exaggerated ‘heroic’ visuals in the shop stand out from the competitors’ products, thus further boosting technological superiority. The author and conceptual creator of the overall project is Mr. Davor Krizmanić, and Studio Sonda, in accordance with his idea, designed the product and the complete visual and verbal identity as well as the communication concept.