The Austrian – Venetian border in Istria from 1421 till 1797, that used to extend from the rivulet Rosandra between Trieste and Muggia to the Stupova bay – northeastern of Plomin, was mostly known from written documents. In order to find material remnants of border marks that would confirm the accuracy of data published so far, in the period between 2013 and 2016 the former borderline of 110 miles was entirely investigated. This in fact means that more than 340 miles were walked and 56 border marks registered.

The monograph ‘Venetian – Austrian border in Istria’ is actually the result of that research and apart from that it represents a catalog of all available border marks. Moreover, archeologists, field experts, historians, classical philologists, jurists and geodesists have given their contribution to the monograph through texts and an interdisciplinary approach. Tatjana Bradara is the curator of the publication carried out by the Archaeological Museum of Istria. The layout of the monograph is signed by Studio Sonda.