At this year’s CROPAK contest for the best packaging on the Croatian market, the bottle Piquentum Brazda was judged the best in the category of Graphic Design among 29 products and 27 series in 9 categories,
Here are some excerpts from interviews carried out for the needs of CROPAK media:

Q: Why did you decide to apply your label for this year’s competition CROPAK?

A: This year, we knew that we have a very valuable solution, both ideologically and conceptually as well as visually, and that it can not pass unnoticed.

Q: What was in your opinion the reason why your label stood out among other competitors in the category? What were its comparative advantages?

A: Piquentum Brazda reflects what we want the design to represent: a solution that adds nothing in order to seduce but it does so in a logical and intuitive way, by aiming at the core of the to subject. What certainly helped is the synergy between our understanding of design and the producer’s understanding of wine, that is between the idea and the product. We are talking about a producer who takes incredibly very much care about the production of wine and we could say that this wine, coming from a vineyard, which has been treated for 80 years only with natural methods, is the essence of nature and honesty. Any addition or exaggeration on the label would diminish the value of the product and that is why our label is very honest too: it wraps the wine in Glas Istre (newspaper of the region), printed on the very day of the harvest: 21.09. 2012. And exactly this newspaper is the embodiment of the symbolism of time (day of harvest), place (regional newspaper, the area where the wine is realized) and honesty (information transmitted by newspaper in a given time and place). Although the wine was bottled in 2014, the preparations for creating this label date back to 2012, meaning that the wine and its label grew and ripened together.

Q: In what ways do you follow trends in the packaging industry?

A: When we travel, as point of our interest we visit both museums of contemporary art and design, as well as supermarkets and specialized shops, where we spend hours studying the products, packaging and ways they are presented.

Q: What does this award mean to you?
A: A beginning…