The producer Perfa eggs has put a new product on the market: eggs of free hens.

Up to now, the already existing Perfa Eggs are promoted on the market under the name and slogan ‘Happy Eggs’. But as they become, through the new production system, even happier, since the hens enjoy free walks in the fresh Zagorje air and are fed on natural or bio-food, the new products are now carrying the names: The happiest eggs and The happiest eggs BIO. A new packaging has also been designed.

By upgrading the input of the present visual expression, while simultaneously nurturing the tradition of the region the eggs come from, illustrations for the new packaging are inspired by the creative opus of naïve art. The landscapes in which the hens live are made, according to the product itself, with egg-shaped shapes, emotionally transferring the beauty and calmness in which The happiest eggs are created.

The illustrations, besides on the packaging, are applied also to other Perfa Eggs business and promotional materials.

Concept, design and visual and verbal identity of the new products are created by Studio Sonda