The poster for the Festival of used books (Booktiga) was chosen as one of the 242 best designer entries on the last awarding ceremony of HOW International design. The jury evaluated nearly 1,000 entries from Europe, Asia, North and South America, through 15 categories.

That is how, after the most prestigious European award, Red Dot, the poster Booktiga 2012 has been recognized in the US market as well. The goal of the competition, run for already twenty years in a row by the US HOW international magazine, is to recognize outstanding creative work of individuals and creative agencies from around the world. Thanks to this recognition in the category of posters, Booktiga 2012 poster will be published by HOW magazine in March 2013.

HOW magazine is one of the leading business-creative magazines for graphic designers and creative agencies that annually sponsors 6 designers competitions and organizes the largest gathering of graphic designers in the US: HOW Design Live.