Writer’s House in Pazin (Croatia) is a cultural institution dedicated to people engaged in literary creation. The Guest-Writers, who have the honor of staying in the house, take the role of host and welcome into the house their audience, representatives of media and literary life and use this stay for their own literary creation. The concept is setup in a way that every writer, after a longer stay, leaves a written piece, an original author’s text.

Since we also wanted to make the logotype to become an original creation – an author’s legacy – we created a logo – a stylized key – which instead of the “body” has a blank space, to be filled by the authors’ words or phrases that they were inspired by during their stay in the house.

Therefore, Studio Sonda did not create an identity for the Writers’ house, but a tool for authors to create their own one.

The solution turned out to be very inspiring for the writers, a challenge in which they leave a personalized trace of their own creations, a tool for marking a creative moment and at the same time a kind of contribution to the house, town and region in which they have the opportunity to develop their creative work. Also, with the growing number of authors that consider this identity as their own, the identity of their house grows as well.