Interactive installation Travelling by Batana (traditional fishing boat) was created for Batana Eco-museum in Rovinj, which is included in the UNESCO Register of Good Safeguarding Practices for the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage of the world. The goal of the interactive digital exhibition is to take the user on a time travel (‘20s, 20th century) and to enable to “control the batan” for 5 minutes. It also includes learning about star navigation, dialect, singing culture, types of fishes, fishing methods, etc. The setup is made of three simultaneous and synchronised projections (floor/ceiling/front wall), that together combine into a unique experience. There are exhibits in the dark on the sides of the space that are illuminated while explained on the video. A valuable experience for Rovinj visitors!

CREATIVE DIRECTION, DESIGN: Jelena Fiškuš, Sean Poropat
ANIMATION: Rajko Ban, Manuel Šumberac
ILLUSTRATION: Manuel Šumberac
VIDEO: Josip Ružić (Rose-Art)
EXHIBITION SETUP: Tamara Nikolić Đerić, Vanja Cuculić, Aleksandar Paris, Vladimir Končar DIRECTOR OF THE HOUSE OF BATANA INSTITUTION: Nives Giuricin
TECHNICAL SUPPORT (software, hardware): AVC, Novena
CONTRIBUTORS: Alessandro Venier, Giampietro Venier, Mauro Venier, Alessio Giuricin, Diego Giuricin, Teodor Tiani, Luka Nreka, Marisa Poretti, Angela Preden, Riccardo Vidotto, Gianfranco Santin, Sergio Ferrara, Germano Ettorre, Valentina Silvi Ugulin (fishermen, actors, singers); Paolo Hrelja – Italian association “Pino Budicin” Rovinj- Rovigno (sound); participated: Libero Benussi, Alvise Benussi, City Rovinj, Drama group of Italian youth community “Pino Budicin” Rovinj, KUD „Marco Garbin“ of the Italian community „Pino Budicin Rovinj, Public fire department Rovinj, Communal service Rovinj
CLIENT: ‘Kuća o Batani’ Association, Rovinj