The famous King ice cream brand welcomes the summer of 2020 with one novelty: after being exclusively consumed for many years as a premium ice cream bar, it is now available on the market as the creamiest ice cream dessert in a cup.

The change in format and the fact that the ice cream is intended not only in retail but also for sale in HORECA, required a noticeable, playful, and modern design.

As an inspiration, a stylized shape of the crown was used, which symbolically communicates how the moment we consume our King in a cup turns into: a royal moment. Accordingly, the product launch campaign highlights the importance of a positive attitude in life and communicates that, even in moments that aren’t exactly the brightest, things can always turn for the better if viewed from a different perspective. Everyday life in which we are overwhelmed with obligations, difficult thoughts or shocking news, always becomes a little more bearable with the delicious King and the optimistic attitude it stands for, with the message: Turn to dessert!

The product comes in 4 flavors; pistachio, caramel, vanilla, and chocolate.

King ice cream is sold in the markets of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, and Hungary.

The packaging design and concept are signed by Studio Sonda
Production TVC: Brand Vision