For the year 2023 we are awarded two Red Dots in the field Brands & Communication Design, thus collecting totally 19 Red Dot awards. This prestigious award for high design quality in the Brands & Communications field has been given since 1993. Only the works that win the jury over with design quality and creative execution are awarded this coveted symbol of quality.

The popular Croatian biscuit brand Domaćica, produced by Kraš d.d. is awarded Red Dot in the Advertising category. This is already the second Red Dot award in the last year that we jointly received with Kraš. The first one was achieved for the redesign of Dorina chocolate. The Domaćica campaign was accompanied by a limited series of packaging. The aim of this favorite family biscuit was to highlight the dual role of women in our society. In order to draw attention to the equality of women in Croatian society and to change the definition of the word domaćica (housewife) in the Croatian dictionary, names of female occupations were added to the packaging together with the name of the biscuit.

Namely, the previous definition of domaćica indicated that she is the wife of the host, she is not employed outside the home. At the same time the male version domaćin was defined as the head of the family, the one who runs the house or the one who is honored to host the guests on some festive event or party. The entire campaign was accompanied by a QR code on the back of the package, which, when scanned, led to a website aiming to change the definition in the Croatian language dictionary. In addition to achieving the desired change of the word in the dictionary at the end of the campaign, winning this prestigious award has proved of how important it is to talk about socially relevant topics using the power of communication which big brands like Kraš have.

You can view the case study that brought Domaćica this recognition here:



Nota wine vinegar produced by Tenuta Tre Terre was awarded the Red Dot in the Packaging design category. The multisensory label of the wine vinegar collection is designed in such a way as to stimulate the user’s sense of taste, as well as the sense of hearing. The world-famous jazz musician Tamara Obrovac participated in the creation of the labels and composed music especially for them. The records of the original miniatures on the labels are the result of Tamara’s tastings while the QR code scanning leads to the soundtrack. Thus, Nota becomes the first vinegar in the world whose taste can be felt even before tasting. It becomes a multisensory experience made of enjoying this unique and autochthonous Istrian product.

The award-winning works will be published in the Red dot yearbook. The award ceremony will be held in November this year, in Berlin, where all the works will be exhibited.