The poetry collection of the author Drago Orlić ‘Closed on Sundays‘ edited by the Studio Sonda and the poster for the Poreč Festival of used books Booktiga 2015 both won a Red Dot award for design and communication in 2015.
We are pleased that these awards confirm that it is both possible and important to have a practical impact on the development and preservation of the local environment, which then has the ability to establish even at a global level. These awards follow our usual practice of applying to world’s competitions wit our works that promote local festivals / authors / winemakers and which, thanks to the design, are presented around the world in galleries, at festivals and theaters. This is how they can gain a recognition of the world’s leading experts in the field of communication, without being pushed nor in any way backed by large corporations.

Red Dot is declared as one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious awards in the field of design. This year 7451 entries from around the world registered for the competition, and the jury awarded 568 of them for excellence in design.