Task: Competition for the visual identity of the event Days of the Croatian Chamber of Architects.

Concept: During the event words and architecture become inseparable and that fact was used as a framework in devising the solution for the visual identity. A system was designed in which space is created automatically out of words.Words and numbers, respectively titles, concepts and information, when typed generate directly space that visually recalls to floor plans as a symbol of architects’ activity. A very simple transformation of whichever text in a graphic element that recalls architecture was created. In such a way, the proposed visual identity offers a dynamic and widely applicable tool to all the needs of the event. In the end, for all the further needs of the CCA, just by simple typing and editing a text, it can be converted into a visual solution. Materials take a graphical shape almost independently, applying different topics, lecturers, words or sentences.

The work has not been realised and another author’s work was chosen during the competition.