Harmony is the latest addition to the King ice cream collection. Last year King Majestic won the prestigious World’s Best Ice Cream Award by the International Ice Cream Consortium, IICC. This year we were entrusted with the design, naming and mini-campaign for a new pistachio flavor, enriched with a soft pistachio topping, dipped in a rich forest fruit topping and Belgian white chocolate

The name Harmony was given to this ice cream because it represents the perfect harmony of pistachio and forest fruits, and in addition to freezer shelves, we also placed it in a fairy-tale forest environment and sent it all over the region.

The ice cream is presented in a special box that reminds of the freshness and aesthetics of the forest, and which became a hit among influencers, just like the ice cream itself.

In addition, a TVC was created that presents a perfectly creamy and harmonious combination of pistachios and forest fruits in beauty shots. Enjoy!