To us it is very funny, but somehow still quite natural, when we hear our kids admonish one another: don’t slam the door, you’ll wake up the tourists! And we can perfectly understand the local songwriter Franci Blašković when singing about maestro Gulli Lili who was drowning in the pool, “but didn’t want to make a sound so that he wouldn’t wake the tourists up …”

For our parents, neighbors, our friends’ parents, grandparents … everyone left their most beautiful smiles and the best many years to Hanses and Francescas. For them the beds were made in the best way possible, the best dishes were selected, in the summer we moved from our rooms in the garage so they would have more room. Even today we vividly remember the anxiety that creeps into our chest with the first signs of leaves falling because we know that, with the end of summer, 80% of town’s restaurants and bars closes down. You’re young and eager for new experiences, while the so lively old town in the summer, suddenly becomes eerily empty …

The truth about our tourism is therefore best described by the sentence we selected as the solution of the tender for the visual identity of the Tourist Board of Poreč: You complete us! Nothing determines so much our town and its people as its deep-rooted commitment to the tourist, its love towards him, even a kind of addiction. The first tourist guide of our town was written in the 1845., and the first hotel built in the 1910., so we’re talking about 150 years of courtesy to visitors, without whom we do not know how to be complete.

“You Complete Us” is almost a love declaration to people who make up and visit the town, and it is also conceptually linked to yet indispensable mosaics by which Poreč is widely known. The solution design interprets the mosaic much deeper than the classic one, usually found in the town’s landmarks, and it tends to show it as a mosaic of experiences, hence the proposed logo is a modern mosaic made up of tiles of various colors as symbols of diversity Poreč offers. Mosaic is missing the final part on purpose communicating to the visitor that he is the mosaic tile the town is lacking in order to be complete. Indeed, the town of mosaics that lives of tourists and for tourists, without visitors is never complete.

The jury composed of six members being: Nenad Velenik, director of Poreč Tourist Board, Ivana Kutle, Valamar’s Marketing Director, Dario Baldaš, head of entertainment and animation in Laguna Poreč, Eugen Varzić, artist, Vesna Ivanović, marketing manager of Tourist Board of Istria and Dea Curić, designer, rated our solution to be the best one, explaining that: “… the concept offered the best solution for the basic tasks required by the tender, i.e. it offered an impressive, attractive (modern) and functional visual identity that will significantly contribute to Poreč’s frequent promotional activities and be recognized, and by means of differentiated approach attract the attention of current and future visitors of this destination since it has high applicability to all types of promotional materials. “