RADENSKA & SONDA DESIGNED BY PEOPLE: Design the Winter Radenska 2024!

Apply now! Participation is free, and design experience is not required. The number of participants is limited.

This year, we invite you to create an unforgettable winter story for Radenska with us, as you see it—from the heart. Join us in shaping the creative concept and translating the beauty of winter joys into a new visual identity. Who knows, maybe your design will become the face of a special edition of Radenska, adorning the shelves of stores and bringing freshness to homes across Croatia and Slovenia.

Participation does not require design software experience or prior knowledge. Your desire to develop and explore creative processes is enough, and practical work in workshops and at home will help you unleash your creative potential.

So, seize the opportunity for exciting challenges—join us in this unique program and be part of the story we create together with you. Let your contribution mark the beginning of something special!

About the Sonda Designed by People Program

Since we believe in the high efficiency of creativity in every individual, we want to create relevant projects and programs that always connect and create a better society, made in an inspiring and authentic environment.

The program is free and will be held in a group of six participants, under the mentorship of Sonda’s team, through seven sessions. Participant engagement in intermediate phases through homework assignments is crucial. With the guidance of Studio Sonda mentors, participants will have the opportunity to go through all the processes of creating a tangible product/design, with practical tasks, and ultimately, the presentation/promotion of the project itself.

Why is Radenska & Sonda Designed by People for You?

You have the opportunity to be part of a team designing the creative concept for the visual identity of Radenska, one of the leading producers of premium mineral water, as part of a workshop led by the internationally awarded creative studio (Sonda), which has almost 20 years of experience in the field of graphic design and communication, as well as the development and brand creation. You can learn about the creative and practical work processes that lead to the realization of a visual identity that can be found on store shelves. The products with a visual identity in which you will participate will be produced, placed on store shelves, and promoted to the public.

The result of our collaboration will be the visual identity of the new winter Radenska, which will be produced, presented, and promoted to the public at the end of 2024. You will get the Certificate of Participation in the project.


Workshops will be held once a week from March to May 2024 at the Sonda premises in Vižinada (Croatia). The final phases of the project—fieldwork and promotion—will take place at Radenska locations (Radenci – Slovenia; Zagreb – Croatia). The estimated duration of workshops is three hours, at a pre-arranged time slot during the afternoons (4 pm-7 pm or 5 pm-8 pm).

In agreement with the participants, Sonda reserves the right to change the date and time slots. Workshops will be held in Croatian. If a translation is needed, Sonda can arrange to hire a translator.


The program is free and intended for adults but allows participants of different ages who, with a timely completed application form, meet the following conditions:

  • age of 18 or older;
  • basic computer skills;
  • the possibility of reaching Vižinada on one’s own and committing to regular participation in person in all workshops in their entire duration, and visiting Slovenia/Zagreb for the Radenska facility tour and promotion;
  • commitment and consistency in solving practical tasks during workshops and at home;
  • ability to participate in fieldwork (optional)—visiting the Radenska facility in Radenci (Slovenia) and attending the promotion (Slovenia or Zagreb);
  • permitting to be filmed/photographed to promote the project.

Workshops are free, and participants are responsible for their travel expenses to/from Vižinada. Round-trip expenses to Slovenia and Zagreb, for workshops not held in Vižinada, are covered for participants.

Additional Notes

For the successful implementation of the program, the number of participants is limited to six. The main criteria for selecting a candidate will be the expression of motivation to participate in the program. Selected candidates will be asked to sign a cooperation agreement before participating. Travel costs to Vižinada are borne exclusively by program participants. As a thank you for participating in the workshop, the costs of visiting Radenci (Slovenia) are covered by Sonda.


1. The Briefing | March 21st, 2024

Introduction to the client and the brief.

The goal is to instruct participants about the brand and the task as well as to establish clear guidelines about further work. Participants will receive topics for independent research before session 2

2. Concept | March 28th, 2024

Defining a research-based concept.

The aim is to obtain a document/concept, based on research and reflection, serving as the basis for designing the visual identity. Participants receive some basis for independent reflection on design elements before session 3.

3. Design | April 4th, 2024


The goal is to bring the participants closer to the design process and obtain a draft of the product design itself.

4. Wrap Up | April 18th, 2024

Client presentation.

The goal is to create a presentation for the client Radenska, proposing the product design.

5. Feedback | May 3rd, 2024

Presentation to the client and feedback.

Getting feedback and understanding it. The goal is to conclude the project—more precisely, reaching an agreement on the application of potential corrections to finalize the design.

6. Production | To be arranged with participants

A visit to the factory.

The goal is a visit to the Radenska factory in Radenci (Slovenia) to understand the production processes and lines, providing all participants insight into the production process.

7. Promo | November 2024

Public presentation of products and the project.

The goal is the successful completion and promotion of the project, as well as the products, to the public. Upon completing the program, all participants will be given a certificate of participation.


To attend the workshop, you need to fill out an online application form. Although a prerequisite, a properly and timely completed application form does not guarantee the invitation to participate in the workshop.

The application deadline is March 7th at 23:59. Applications received after this deadline, as well as incomplete applications, will not be considered.

Access the application form here: RADENSKA & SONDA DESIGNED BY PEOPLE_Application.