Due to the expansion of its business, Arriva Croatia, the leading provider of passenger transport services in Croatia and a member of an international holding, needs to hire more professional drivers. In order to help the company achieve this goal, we designed a creative campaign with the aim of attracting as many existing professional drivers as possible and training new ones.


The campaign consists of two parts addressing two different challenges. The first is to attract all potential drivers and present Arriva as a desirable employer that offers excellent conditions and opportunities. The second is a bit more specific – to raise awareness and break down the prejudice that still, unfortunately, reigns in our society, according to which bus driving is mostly a “man’s job” and to hire as many female drivers as possible. This includes incentives for training and the necessary education.


Both parts of the campaign are united by a particular visual identity that relies on the visual language of road signs. The ads are designed inspired by road signs that direct drivers to their new potential careers at Arriva. The ads in the part of the campaign dedicated to female drivers also symbolically show that we are sending negative prejudice about female driving to take a U-turn because there is no place for them at Arriva.


In addition to the key visuals, we designed further materials that also play with the iconography of road signs in order to get as close as possible to the target group and their area of interest.



Creative direction: Jelena Fiškuš, Sean Poropat
Copywrite: Sara Šalov
Strategy: Lucija Potočnik
Design: Martina Ukić, Sanda Maričić (KV application on formats)
Account manager: Ana Velić

Media advertising: Ascanius Media
Public relations: Communications office Colić, Laco, and partners