We are Sonda, an internationally recognized and award-winning creative team capable of understanding how to create globally relevant brands, strategies and projects in a way that they achieve tangible market success, prove the power of creativity and, above all, connect and create a better society.

Our strength lies in doing all this together, with you!

Our working principles overcome the classic boundaries existing in the relationship between client – agency – user, and build partnerships as the base for working on communication and creative strategies and brands of the future. You enable us to get the insights and understand the purpose of the challenges you are trying to solve or improve. After the phases of research, reflection and strategic planning, we choose together tools and mechanisms to conceive creative concepts that always differ from case to case, since they are designed exactly for your specific needs. This way of working is a guarantee of logical and intuitive solutions which are strategically thought out, fully personalized, market efficient, original, and that strive to have the most positive impact on our society and planet.

We create better brands and better future, with you.