Over the past 60 years the Arena has hosted many directors, actors, filmmakers, presidents… even the countries under which auspices the Festival has been organized have experienced their own transformations … But what has always remained constant is the faithful audience that fills the huge Arena, to the last seat… With a modest yearly production of films — that predominantly relies on state financing — and in order to continue growing, Croatian film needs its national festival and its wonderful audience, more than ever. That is why we decided that the Pula Film Festival campaign will dedicate this festival’s sixtieth birthday above all to its audience! Foldable and easily transportable wish box was constructed and it travelled throughout Croatia. From March till July, it visited five Croatian cities and was set up in 15 locations!Virtual cake application was embedded inside the wish box, so that the audience could blow out the birthday candles; this triggered a photo-taking application. All of the photographs could then be seen, shared via email or posted on social networks, where visitors could chose the best ones. Wishes were made by many film lovers, young and old, many famous people, and some funny faces… Their wishes have forever been immortalized in the promotional materials of the Festival’s 60th anniversary!