On the occasion of the opening of Sonda Creative Center, the Elan skis were presented to the public as the first of the Center’s products. The skis were produced as part of the Sonda Designed by People program which will continue to be held in the coming months and will include the local community and broader public in the process of creation.

As part of the Sonda Creative Center, the workshops were conducted by the Sonda Association and Studio Sonda, aiming to create relevant products, projects, and programs aimed at strengthening cooperation and creating a better society – a society of ideas.

As the program was founded on the belief in the high efficiency of creativity that exists in each individual, the call was open to all people who were interested to join the program and participate in the design of a market-relevant product, regardless of their previous knowledge or expertise.

For the first Sonda Designed by People workshop, the six most motivated participants from a dozens of applications were selected:

Jasna Kofol, employed in corporate communications (SLO)

Jelena Vojinović, employed in the city government, public sector (HR)

Marina Močibob, dental technician (HR)

Valentina Beg, a student at the Academy of Applied Arts (HR)

Mirna Ljuština, journalist (HR)

Josip Čaušević, employed in tourism (HR)

Together with Sonda, they approached the task of designing high-tech unisex Elan skis recognizable by the unique Amphibio technology. This technology involves adding material over the edges of the ski, which strategically reinforces the entire length of the inner edge for greater stability and strength in turns, while less material above the outer edge ensures easier entry into the turns. In addition to emphasizing technological specifics, the new design aims to fully reflect the core values of the brand which is recognizable by skis that have been handmade for more than 70 years in the heart of the Alps. Moreover, it should be attractive to the target group (women and men) and aligned with sports industry trends.

During the seven intensive workshops, all available information about the brand, skis, competition, and the upcoming trends were analyzed so that finally the participants could see the skis in the process of making. With the client’s presentation of the brief and with the first workshop the creative process led by Sonda started, during which the advantage of the distinctiveness of the Amphibio technology was taken – the difference between left and right skis – and devised the concept WE ARE ONE.

Apart from the technological aspects, the visual differentiation of left and right skis represents differences in society as well. Moreover, pairing the two skis represents the unisex concept, it was also decided to symbolically articulate an important message – although different from each other, we are all one – that skis endlessly connect us in various ways:

WE ARE ONE | Because skis are unisex, equally intended for both men and women;

WE ARE ONE | Because a pair of skis connect with the next one, and Elan is a ski brand that is positioned under the slogan “Always good times”, in other terms primarily as a brand that provides fun on the snow in good company, with friends and family;

WE ARE ONE | Because in these times the message of unity is important more than ever;

WE ARE ONE | Because six strangers designed the ski as if they were one!

The skis will be placed on the market in the 22/23 season and can be ordered at YOU@SONDA.HR.