As the winner of the Grand award of Croatian Designers Association (HDD) 2009/10, at the solo exhibition in the gallery of HDD, Studio Sonda did not want to represent its designer portfolio but it exhibited itself, its creative, working and social everyday life and the process of creating concepts and works, in order to prove how the Studio (and the awards) gain a completely new perception when you get to know the ways in which the works and concepts are realized.

The exhibited works become in this way of secondary importance and are presented only as a side effect of a standard office environment and what becomes imperative is the understanding their creation and how they are related to. Otherwise completely dislocated from all happenings in the branch (300km from the capital city), Studio Sonda had completely and authentically relocated its offices into the HDD gallery for a week and worked as usual (meetings, offers, bills…). Everything that happened in the gallery, i.e. temporary office in Zagreb, was visible through a real time live stream on Sonda’s webpage.