A long-lived festival with tradition – Pula film festival, characteristic for the place it is held at (an amphitheater) and the fact that it is held in the evenings, outdoors, under a clear blue sky. The symbol of a star is used as the main element of the poster, which is stylized to its core and actually represents a white dot as the basic artistic and optical value. By clustering the elements together an unambiguous effect of a starry sky is achieved and the dots become a glittering illumination, which, by using fluorescent colors on the poster, truly do glow in the dark.

In designing the poster the real star constellation of the 21st of July 2012, taken from Your Sky application, was used as a background. This is how the visitors will have the chance to look forward months in advance to the actual starry sky that will expect them on the Film Festival opening evening.

Out of 6,823 submitted works from 43 countries, 511 works received the “Red dot” award, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the field of design, chosen by an international jury of 21 members.