Worldstar Award for excellence in packaging design awarded Sonda in Milan for its wine label Piquentum Brazda. This competition is accessible only after winning national or regional awards for packaging and it is part of the World Packaging Organization, WPO. In our case, we got the opportunity to apply by winning the Cropak award, with which our Piquentum conquered both the Croatian and the global market.

WPO has been awarding Worldstar prizes since 1970 and as pointed out, particular attention is paid to packaging using progressive design and technology by creating new standards that others can follow.

In 2015, 265 works from 37 countries applied, and 148 of them were declared WorldStar winners in Sri Lanka on 19th November 2014 by an international jury. Sonda was given the award by Mr Thomas L.Schneider, president of the World Packaging Organization.

The work is published in the brochure Worldstar Award.