After 30 years of existence, MIMA furniture decided to take a big step forward in its business strategy. The new business concept provides a completely different shopping experience in the store. It suggests to customers real life situations, as well as the quantification of the benefits they encounter by shopping at MIMA, both real and emotional.

The turn towards this new strategy implied the modernization of brand communication and visual elements in order to suggest a rise to a new level of quality, and this task has been entrusted to Sonda. With the aim to emphasize the modernity of the brand, stylistic minimalism together with symbolism has been permeated through basic graphic elements such as pictograms, fonts and logos. The horizontal lines of the logo symbolically emphasize growth and progress, like stairs leading to a stronger and more modern brand. An important part of the identity is also the graphic/textual component that communicates through the Max and Min abbreviations game, representing how MIMA minimizes all potential challenges encountered when decorating a home, and maximizes the positive effects thereof. Thus, the name itself, which was first created by combining the owner´s name initials, has now been given a new, market-relevant meaning.

The new visual identity and twist in the business strategy were premiered in the newly opened store in Koprivnica, where they are fully implemented. The new store is the embodiment of all the values and standards that the new MIMA stands for. This complementary approach and innovative concept will gradually come to life in all other MIMA stores throughout Croatia over a period of one year.