The fact that this spring has been canceled due to the plague called COVID-19, it is already well known to everyone. This is also the reason why now, when we can mostly only observe it from behind our windows, we should be paying it our due respect, perhaps even more than ever before.

“Ode to the Seasons” is a project through which the paper distributor IGEPA wants to highlight the importance of respecting nature and conservation of the seasons, and to emphasize how each of us can be part of that conservation. As one of the steps, IGEPA recommends using recycled paper.

“Providing new life to used paper is an important step in maintaining the cleanliness of the air we breathe. Paper recycling nourishes flora and fauna and contributes to biodiversity, conserves forests and reduces the concentration of harmful greenhouse gases that are warming up our planet. Unusual climate changes are impacting on the seasons by making them unrecognizable. We can witness in fact springs blooming in winter, summers drying out water springs, colorless colors during autumns and winters dissolving the ice sheet. By using IGEPA recycled paper, we ensure the survival of the seasons
in their distinctive, full glory ”, These are the words written in the brochure Ode to the Spring, and the entire story in this issue is rounded off by a same-named poem, with illustrations of spring in its full bloom.

This is the first IGEPA release dedicated to the seasons. In anticipation of the next one, use recycled paper, preserve nature, its seasons and each other!

List of recycled paper from IGEPA offer: Freelife Kendo, Freelife Merida, Gmund Heidi, GOBI grey/grey, Keaykolour 100% Recycled Camel, Keaykolour 100% Recycled Chalk, Keaykolour 100% Recycled Particles Snow, Keaykolour 100% Recycled Particles Moonlight, Keaykolour 100% Recycled Particles Sunshine, Materica, Nautilus Classic, Viprint, Wood

Translation of the poem:

The Ode to the Spring:

We’ve opened our eyes,

suddenly the meadow became all alive.

And this did not happen over night.

We had messengers,

Felt butterflies,

And love,

And warmth.

We buried the silence in the snow.