ORA, soft drink and one of the oldest Slovenian brands, expands its portfolio with a granular multivitamin drink in three flavors: lemon, orange and exotic (banana, mango and pineapple).

Studio Sonda participated in the design and launch of the brand, starting from its name and packaging for different flavors, to the production of key visuals for POS and HoReCa materials.

Since the granules contain 10 vitamins and a share of real fruit, which converted into a drink serve as a daily boost to the immune system, the name created suggests the strength and the energetic action of the drink: Combining the name of the ORA portfolio with the term “raketa” (in Eng: “rocket”) the brand is created – ORAKETA.

Packaging for shops (800gr packs) and rocket-shape bags for HoReCa  have been designed in line with the name. They are served on a branded tray with a related spoon (for dosing and mixing) and a glass with three levels signed so that consumers can dose the amount of water to achieve the ideal intensity of the drink’s taste. For instance, they can opt for the Exosphere, Mesosphere or Stratosphere. On the promotional material in addition to Oraketa there are also mascots of aliens called Orarari, designed by the Slovak agency Zaraguza, who is credited also for the Oraketa website, while animations were created by ALIEN studio.