It is best to conclude this crazy 2020 with a project with an attitude. B!TE ME aims at being a leader in the global movement towards new standards in sports nutrition, as a response to athletes who want to replace the usual nutrition products with 100% natural ones. Studio Sonda signs the visual identity and the packaging of the brand.

B!TE ME represents healthy, energy food products that serve as support during physical activities. Inspired by the historical heritage of the Mediterranean and by local ingredients, the snacks give the user also the opportunity to say: “B!TE ME”, with regards to all the things that hold them back on their way towards reaching their goal. For instance, to the year 2020 as well, during which many sports events were canceled, including even the Olympic games themselves.

Although the products are 100% natural and vegan, without added sugars, artificial sweeteners, additives or gluten, they differ from others on the market for the amount of protein and fiber they contain, that give more energy and are suitable for athlete’s nutrition. Moreover, they have a good ratio of natural sugars and proteins that provides a long lasting source of low glycemic index energy. Visual identity and branding are therefore focused primarily on energy and life attitude, as primary product benefits and elements sports enthusiasts aspire to.

In 2020 B!TE ME products showed up on the shelves of Farmacia, Bio&Bio and Garden shops throughout Croatia. Apart from Croatia they can be found in Slovenia, Poland and Estonia and online on . In 2021 expansion to additional markets is planned.

The quality of the brand and its visual solutions are also supported by recognitions from: ESSNA (European Specialist Sport Nutrition Alliance) – the nomination of B!TE ME products among the top 5 vegan products for athletes (Best Vegan Product) and by ISPO (the largest sports and related industry fair in Europe), the nomination of B!TE ME in the Brandnew Selection – top 30 startups from around the world.