When Željko Burić from Fabrika invited us to take part in the project for his friend Renco Kosinožić, we haven’t hesitated for a single moment to accept his invitation, since we ourselves have an enormous admiration for the deceased photographer with whom we worked on numerous beautiful projects and who had taught so many things.

The book ‘Renco Kosinožić – Istra’ presents 113 photographs shot from 1982 to 2009. The introduction about Istria was written by Daniel Načinović, the text about the author by Jerica Ziherl, the book was published in the edition of the Department for culture of Istrian Region, the realization was signed by Fabrika Pula and the design by Fabrika Pula and Studio Sonda.

“Renco Kosinožić, (Nova Vas, 1952 – Hintertux/Austria 2009) is one of the best and most appreciated (and most beloved) photographers of Istria. Like a self-denying viewer, Kosinožić neutralizes each intervention in the reality of the photographic image. To the suggestive power and persuasiveness of his photographs strongly contribute diagonal or often geometric composition set with two or more motives that correspond to the principle of contrast. With the same expressive power given off in images (imago) of the land geographically so close to him – Istria – he recorded  events at fairs, squares, courtyards, but other motives as well that are not included in the display of this book, such as streets of cities like New York, or Marrakech and Istanbul souks (…) Renco Kosinožić’s photos confirm, after all, in the same way as music and poetry do, that they are eternal. But when does a photo become eternal? When a photographer says farewell forever with every picture he takes, but these pictures keep coming back … ” writes Jerica Ziherl in the text about the author in this photo monograph.

Renco received various photographic awards and recognitions. Croatian Radio and Television recorded in 2003 a report about him ‘Photography in Croatia: Renco Kosinožić’. His photographs have been published in numerous publications, and he is represented in several photo monographs, books and covers. He was an avid skier and lover of mountain peaks and was the official photographer of the Croatian Ski Association since 1998. With the Croatian Ski Association he visited all the world competitions, World Championships and Olympic Winter Games. He died on 26th of October 2009, after he fell ill due to a severe heart attack during the shooting of the Croatian ski team in Hintertux, Austria.