We are celebrating the jubilee seventy years of the Pula Film Festival! In addition to being the oldest film festival in Croatia, and one of the oldest in Europe, this is one of the most visited cultural manifestations in Croatia. It takes place in the unique and largest open-air cinema under the stars – in the Arena, Pula. Back in 2012, Sonda designed the visual identity of the festival, with the recognizable slogan “Film under the stars”, which brought festival the Red dot award. We designed also the festival statue – the Golden Arena, the award given to the best filmmakers and film achievements. After several successful joint campaigns, this year we had the honor of designing the campaign for the big seventieth birthday of the festival!

The concept is based on the festival’s rich history and memories, which we evoke through photos in black and white, and memories of the audience, filmmakers and people who are part of the festival. All is incorporated into the characteristic and already recognizable identity of this festival under the stars. Memories are presented through a variety of communication channels, adapted for the occasion, in the form of simple short quotes and, where possible, enhanced with photography, as a silent witness of past festival times. They are intergenerational, vivid and emotional, with the aim of making every visitor of the festival connect with what they read. In this way, memories become a trigger for an even deeper connection between the festival and its audience, since one cannot exist without the other.

The very construction of the number 70 drawn in the festival logo came from the floor plan of the Amphitheater (north-south direction view). The number 0 follows the recognizable contours of the outer walls of the Amphitheater, while the number 7 simulates the direction of Flavijevska Street, a traditionally unique and characteristic festival area of meeting and interaction where fans meet the stars, tasting all glitz and glamour of the Pula Film Festival.